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About the Author

Timothy J. Wahlberg, Ph.D.

Timothy J. Wahlberg, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified school psychologist. He earned his doctorate degree at Northern Illinois University. Dr. Wahlberg has extensive experience in school and university settings, psychiatric facilities, community mental health centers, as well as private practice.
He has published extensively on the subjects of autism and neurological impairments and is involved in several ongoing research projects of related topics. He has spoken at local and national levels on autism and reflex-delay disorder and has conducted a number of training seminars in these areas. Dr. Wahlberg is a member of the American Psychological Association.

The Prairie Clinic

Geneva, Illinois
The Prairie Clinic was founded in 2007 through the vision of Dr. Timothy Wahlberg and Dr. Angel Heredia, each of whom desired to offer individuals and families a broader continuum of services in both the medical and clinical aspects of treatment. The clinic operates on the guiding principal that medical treatment and cognitive behavioral therapy together, in a team approach, benefit the client and maximize results.
The clinic offers psychiatric medical intervention as well as both private and group therapy for individuals. Dr. Wahlberg is currently involved in on-going research and is developing new research projects to further understand the unique dynamics of individuals on the spectrum. To learn more about this work, please contact the Prairie Clinic at