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 Book Reviews

“I've read dozens of books and tried countless techniques to manage my son’s outbursts. Only after using Dr. Wahlberg’s strategies have we seen results; our son is able to manage his emotions and control his behavior. Dr. Wahlberg understands how children with autism view the world and why they struggle with behavior and social interactions.
His strategies get results because they are tailored to the unique needs of children on the spectrum. The behavior strategies outlined in this book have opened up a whole new world for our family. Daily meltdowns have been replaced with self-control and serenity. He has changed our lives!”
~ Carla Kemp, parent of a child on the spectrum
“In his book, Finding the Gray, Dr. Wahlberg serves as an intermediary, explaining the meaningful differences between the clinical study of autism and the need for real-life results in the daily experiences of his patients. Parents and professionals alike will be able to harvest and apply useful information and strategies from the overwhelming amount of data that comprises current autism research. Resisting the temptation to view individuals with autism as just so many case studies, Dr. Wahlberg gets to the heart of the matter: those with autism are as deserving of human dignity and respect as anyone else. And they have the same right to find their path in an inhospitable world as the next person. Finding the Gray challenges the reader to make as much of an effort to understand how autism feels for those who have it as we ask those with autism to try to understand us. This is an important and very hopeful book.”
~ Jennifer L. Bollero, Esq., attorney and parent of a child on the spectrum
“Rarely does a book accomplish as much as Finding the Gray. In this excellent resource, Dr. Wahlberg has provided his readers a way to see the world through the eyes of Asperger’s/autism spectrum disorder (ASD). He helps us understand the black and white world of persons with ASD and shows how their sensory awareness, perceptions, and particular logic direct their seemingly illogical actions. In a down-to-earth style, with many examples drawn from his years of experience with this disorder, Dr. Wahlberg offers both therapists and family members what they need to understand and respond to a person with ASD with less frustration and greater effectiveness. With hope and optimism, he teaches his readers to carry out practical management of social interactions and sensory challenges so that people with ASD can fulfill their potential to live happy, productive lives. It is a must-read for anyone who works or lives with a person on the spectrum.”
~ Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg, author of the The Anxious Brain, The 10 Best-Ever Anxiety Management Techniques, and The 10 Best-Ever Depression Management Techniques


“Dr. Wahlberg has the unique ability to not only understand how the brain of an Asperger's child works, but he can explain it in clear, non-scientific terms that everyone can understand. Dr. Wahlberg relates to children who have Asperger's better than any professional we've ever worked with. His innate understanding comes across in this book; he writes in the same light, chatty style he uses one-on-one in his sessions with our son.”
~Michael Simon, parent of a child on the spectrum
“As a parent of a child with Asperger’s, I found Dr. Wahlberg’s book to be a useful tool in figuring out how to better understand and guide my child. The examples were real life examples, ones I could relate to easily. The advice was straightforward and down to earth. A very practical approach to living with a child with Asperger’s, the book has helped me understand Asperger’s better and therefore be a better parent to my son.”
~ Garey Schmidt, parent of a child on the spectrum
“Dr. Wahlberg has worked with our 14-year-old son who has Asperger’s, and has been an extremely effective psychologist. His comfortable, easy, positive attitude and style quickly results in children and parents liking and respecting him, feeling liked and respected by him, and being willing to work with him. In our experience, Dr. Wahlberg very quickly recognizes, understands, and defines what is going on with children on the autism spectrum, and he provides children and parents with tools that result in steady improvement in the children’s abilities to successfully interact with others and deal with their other challenges. For our son, Dr. Wahlberg’s approach and techniques have dramatically improved our son’s ability, desire, and self-confidence to interact with others and, in so many additional ways, to succeed as he is now doing in life.”
~ Nancy Sohn, parent of a child on the spectrum
“Dr. Wahlberg has been invaluable in the success of my son’s treatment for Asperger’s (autism). My son had major anxiety and school issues. We began to see Dr. Wahlberg and he put together a plan that allowed my son to learn how to manage his anxiety and be a part of the school community. Without Dr. Wahlberg’s vast knowledge of autism-related disorders, my son would not have achieved the success that he has. Thank you, Dr. Wahlberg!”
~ Mary Kay Betz, Marketing & Research Director, Unlocking Autism
Midwest Regional Representative